Following the launch of the Destination AKL 2025 strategy in May, ATEED is aligning its major events approach with our new organisational purpose and destination strategy.

Auckland's Major Events Strategy 2018-2025 utilises much of the thinking used in the original strategy's development and the lessons learned from its implementation. 

Auckland’s major events portfolio plays a vital role in defining Auckland as a destination and delivering a range of impacts for the region and its people.

Major events can attract the people we want, at times we want them to be here, to deliver maximum benefits to Auckland. They also provide great experiences that make visitors and locals alike proud advocates of our region.

Auckland’s Major Events Strategy has been in place since 2011, and its implementation has stimulated powerful outcomes for the region, including generating more than $400 million for the region’s economy, more than 2.5 million visitor nights and improved infrastructure for the region.

Auckland’s Major Events Strategy 2018-2025 sets out: what Auckland needs from its events sector to support the Destination AKL 2025 strategy; what ATEED’s role is in ensuring this happens; reflects changes that have occurred since 2011; and addresses the increased sophistication and capability of events in the region and in the wider international events landscape.

It also acknowledges the important role the 36th America’s Cup will play in driving Auckland’s approach to events over the next three years.

Auckland’s major events activity will complement and interrelate with ATEED’s other Destination work programmes, encompassing tourism, business events and international education, all contributing to the goals of the Destination AKL 2025 strategy and the region’s inclusive economic development.

Read the full strategy here.

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