A series of digital marketing campaigns from ATEED has encouraged Australians to fly across the ditch for a 2-5-day short-break in Auckland. 

The first campaign took place in August 2018, the second in February this year, and the third wrapped up on 16 June. 

The main objective was to drive Australians on the Eastern Seaboard to book their next holiday in Auckland over the winter/spring shoulder season.   

Despite a smaller budget, the third campaign was expected to achieve a higher number of conversions building on lessons learned from the previous two campaigns and being smarter with the data. 

And it has done just that. 

46,377 active visits to aucklandnz.com has been recorded. This is a 4% increase on the February 2019 campaign, and a staggering 1228% increase on the August 2018 campaign, which achieved 3,491 active visits. 

Additionally, there has been an increase in referrals to conversion partner, with 313 clicks versus a total of 225 from the February campaign, which means more people clicked the ‘book now’ button. 

The marketing channels chosen for the third campaign were tried and tested with the previous two campaigns. Specifically, ATEED found that video channels performed very well and concentrated on this area more, moving focus away from digital display advertising due to under-performance. 

Auckland ‘top tips’ videos produced in partnership with Flight Centre Australia were a huge success. Its teaser clip reached 96,000+ people and had 1,000+ engagements. The full 3-minute feature reached 130,000+ people and had 3,000+ engagements, including 46 shares, which is particularly impressive for the Flight Centre Australia audience.  

The objectives for the campaigns have been met, which in turn is a great result for the Destination AKL 2025 strategy – a strategic imperative for which was to improve visitation from the Australian market. 

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