Our new approach will see ATEED deliver a series of major events programmes, each designed to deliver different benefits for Auckland and deliver on different facets of Destination AKL 2025.

Two of these programmes will have contestable funding rounds.

The National Programme will have two application periods a year, in October and April. It will focus on events that drive predominantly domestic tourism to Auckland, play an important role in supporting Auckland’s unique identity, and help make it a vibrant and interesting region where people love to live, and love to visit. This replaces ATEED's previous annual contestable funding round. 

The Winter Festival Programme is part of an initiative to make Auckland a more captivating and enticing winter destination and attract more domestic and international visitors during the quieter winter months.

ATEED will develop a winter festival identity and curate a line-up of events to promote as the centerpiece of winter domestic tourism campaign.

From October 1 – 31, we will be seeking applications for the National Programme and expressions of interest for the Winter Festival Programme. Our process is changing too – the first step for both programmes will be scheduling a pre-application conversation.

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