On 31 October, Skydive Auckland CEO Tony Green and Marketing Manager Jo Austin took a 20,000 foot [6,096 metre] plunge over West Auckland – the highest tandem skydive ever to take place in New Zealand.

The pair experienced around 80 seconds of freefall time, reaching a speed of 200km/hr - an extreme experience that is only available in Auckland.

Skydive Auckland’s unique location means that they cannot be beaten on height. Civil Aviation rules limits tandem skydiving to a maximum exit altitude of 20,000 feet, but with Skydive Auckland’s landing area being two feet below sea level, they are officially the highest, completing skydives of 20,002 feet.

And the views are to jump out of a plane for…

The Parakai location for take-off offers skydivers a fantastic view of West Auckland’s stunning coastal landscape. “The region is beautiful and seeing it from this height is something else,” says Jo. “You’d think I would be used to skydiving by now but that took my breath away.”

With skydiving being one of the most popular extreme activities in New Zealand, this new 20,000 foot tandem dive, as the highest, marks a new bucket list item for Aucklanders and tourists – both domestic and international.

A key element of the Destination AKL 2025 strategy is to support more services in the greater Auckland region. Alongside the natural geothermal hot springs in Parakai, this exciting new activity adds another reason for tourists to make the journey to the township. For those staying within the city, however, Skydive Auckland offers free pickup from the city centre and the return trip back.

Visit www.skydiveauckland.com for more information on skydiving experiences in Auckland.

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