Since the launch of the Destination AKL 2025 strategy in May 2018, ATEED has made significant progress with implementing projects that support the new direction of Auckland’s visitor economy.

One third of the actions from the strategy are either completed or are in some stage of development.

In its first year, three key strategic imperatives were chosen as hero projects: the introduction of a winter festival, which was brought to life with Elemental AKL; establishing a tourism skills campaign for Auckland’s youth, which became Go with Tourism; and finding Auckland’s Place DNA™, which helps us understand how Auckland is presented to the world and thought of by the world.

At an industry event in July ATEED CE Nick Hill announced that ATEED’s Destination unit will focus on three new hero projects in the next financial year.

These are:

An enhanced visitor digital experience
With the rise of technology and accessibility to devices, visitors are looking for, and expecting, digital solutions that provide seamless access to high-quality visitor information.

Off the back of the work we have done to better understand Auckland’s destination narrative, we will initiate a project to ensure we have a world-class product on offerwhen visitors arrive for the the 36th America’s Cup and the other key major events taking place throughout 2021.  

Auckland’s food story 
We know that experiencing the local food scene is part of any traveller’s itinerary and Auckland is fast becoming one of the culinary hotspots in New Zealand. We are developing our food story and strategy that is diverse, and represents the tastes and treats that define our different cultures. 

A recently completed study we commissioned on culinary tourism highlighted the many  opportunities for us all to leverage and support the growth of this sector. The research found that our region is not recognised for our food and beverage scene and in typical #MapsWithoutNZ form, we have been left off the culinary map. However, this isn’t based on negative food experiences, rather a lack of awareness for what we have to offer. This blank slate gives us a great opportunity to share our story. 

By far the most important project for Auckland, and our nation, is to understand and recognise our responsibility of taking a long-term view to manage tourism sustainably. We must ensure that the recent growth of tourism enriches the country not just economically, but also socially, culturally and environmentally. 
Climate change is top of the agenda and we cannot underestimate how important looking after the environment is for visits and Kiwis alike. We continue to see young people around the world voicing their feelings on this matter - they are the next generation of leaders, visitors, clients and decision-makers. They care about their future, and the planet’s future, and we do too.

For more details on recommended actions outlined in Destination AKL 2025, please find the published strategy here.

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